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About the Department

Introduced in 2007, the English Department initially used to offer course only for General students but since 2009 the Department has been offering Honours Programme as well at the undergraduate level. Earlier, the nature of the B.A English Honours programme was annual (Part I+Part II+Part III) but the semester wise choice based credit system is currently being adopted in accordance with the guidelines of the affiliating university. Apart from three full time teachers there are two NET-qualified SACT faculties in the Department. Till now, six eminent external academicians have visited the Department to deliver lectures. The Department has organized one UGC sponsored national level seminar and one national level webinar in addition to a theatre workshop involving external experts. The students of the Department participated in the essay writing competition organized by Basanti Devi College, Kolkata, West Bengal and also in the seven-day web workshop organized by Santipur College, Nadia, West Bengal in recent past. Moreover, the students contributed to the post-workshop e-book (ISBN: 978-81-937204-2-4). Two of the faculties are currently engaged as Members of the Board of Studies in English (UG) of the affiliating university.


The vision is to cater to the needs of the students coming from underprivileged communities and to incorporate the use of modern technology for effective curriculum delivery.

  1. To offer a neatly designed schedule for conducting classes.
  2. To disseminate study materials using Google Classroom.
  3. To continue the already existing creative writing programmes.
  4. To refine the research potential of the students.
  5. To expose the students to the masterpieces of world literature through the mechanism of organized reading sessions.
  6. To expose the students to film narratives and talks delivered by experts.


Sl.No. Date Title Download

Dr. Chirantan Sarkar

Assistant Professor Date of Joining : 4th March, 2015

Sri Partha Pratim Bandhyapadhyay

Associate Professor (HOD) Date of Joining : 29th March, 2019

Dr. Rezwan Ahmed

Assistant Professor Date of Joining : 15th July, 2020

Smt Konica Chanda

SACT Date of Joining : 02nd July, 2018

Smt Nilanjana Chakraborty

SACT Date of Joining : 18th December, 2018

Study Material

Sl.No. Date Title Download
106 Sep 2021Study material of 4th Semester (CC10) by Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
203 Sep 2021Study Material The Caged Bird by Chirantan SarkarDownload
303 Sep 2021Study Material Gramscippt DSE-T-4 by Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
402 Jun 2021English, sem 6, Aijaz Ahmad by Chirantan SarkarDownload
502 Jun 2021English, sem 4, Shelley by Chirantan SarkarDownload
602 Jun 2021English, sem 4, Shelley by Chirantan SarkarDownload
727 Mar 2021Reading Roman Comedy Poetics and Playfulness in Plautus and Terence The WB Stanford Memorial Lectures First EditionDownload
810 Jan 2021English sem 5, Sylvia Plath, Daddy by Dr. Chirantan Sarkar.Download
910 Jan 2021English sem 5, Sylvia Plath, Daddy by Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
1030 Dec 20201st Sem study material by Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
1127 Oct 2020SAMPLE OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS FROM THE SUN RISING, 2nd Sem-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
1227 Oct 2020English honours, 4th Semester 3rd phase studymat-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
1327 Oct 2020English honours, Semester 2 3rd phase studymat-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
1427 Oct 2020English-Hons-Sem-4-Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
1527 Oct 2020Haywood, Sem 4- Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
1627 Oct 2020Strange affair, Sem 2-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
1727 Oct 2020English Study material, sem2-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
1827 Oct 2020Byron, English Study material, sem4-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
1927 Oct 2020English- Hons- Sem- 4-Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
2027 Oct 2020English- Hons-Sem- 2- Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
2127 Oct 2020English Honours Study Material, Semester 2 Phase 4- Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
2227 Oct 2020English Honours Study Material, Semester 4. Phase 4-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
2327 Oct 2020GANDHILisa N. Trivedi-Clothing Gandhi's Nation_ Homespun and Modern India-Indiana University Press (2007), 2nd sem-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
2427 Oct 2020jayanta Mahapatra, 2nd sem-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
2527 Oct 2020English Study Material, 4th sem-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
2627 Oct 2020English Study Material, 2nd sem-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
2727 Oct 2020English-Hons-Semester- 4- Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
2827 Oct 2020English Study Material, Sem 4- Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
2927 Oct 2020Hayavadana, Sem 4-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
3027 Oct 2020English-Hons-Sem-2-Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
3127 Oct 2020Dramatic Monologue, Sem 4-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
3227 Oct 2020Study Material, 4th sem-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
3327 Oct 2020Study material sem 4 English hons- Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
3427 Oct 2020Critical issues in Hayavadana, sem 2-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
3527 Oct 2020English -Hons -Semester 4-Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
3627 Oct 2020English -Hons -Semester 4-Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
3727 Oct 2020London textnotes, Sem 4-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
3827 Oct 2020Critical issues in Hayavadana-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
3927 Oct 2020SEMESTER 2 CANTERBURY TALES-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
4027 Oct 2020Semester 4 THEMES OF WAY OF THE WORLD-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
4227 Oct 2020English study material-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
4327 Oct 2020Semester 2 character of lady macbeth-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
4427 Oct 2020English Study Material, Semester 4-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
4527 Oct 2020English -Hons- Semester - Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
4627 Oct 2020An interview with Amitav Ghosh(2nd Sem)- Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
4726 Oct 2020The Ted Hughes Society Journal VI.2 FINAL 5th sem-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
4826 Oct 2020The+Ted+Hughes+Society+Journal+VIII.1, 5th sem English study material-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
4907 Apr 2020SAMPLE QUESTIONS ON THE LAMB, 4th Sem-Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
5007 Apr 2020The Tyger 3, 4th Sem- Dr. Chirantan SarkarDownload
5105 Apr 2020English-Hons-Sem-4 -Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
5205 Apr 2020SEMESTER 4 by Kanika Chanda -Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
5305 Apr 2020SEMESTER 2 by Kanika Chanda -Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
5405 Apr 2020The Writings of Toru Dutt(2nd sem) by Nilanjana Chakraborty - Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
5505 Apr 2020English-Hons-Sem-2 by Nilanjana Chakraborty-Smt Nilanjana ChakrabortyDownload
5602 Apr 2020English Hons Core Course,2nd sem-KAMALA DASDownload
5731 Mar 2020English Hons Core Course-2nd-sem-SMT NILANJANA CHAKRABORTYDownload
5831 Mar 2020English Hons Core Course 2nd sem-KAMALA DASDownload
5931 Mar 2020english-hons-sem-2-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload
6031 Mar 2020English-hons-sem-2-Sri Partha Pratim BandyopadhyayDownload
6131 Mar 2020sample-questions-on-tyger-WILLIAM-BLAKE,4th sem-Download
6231 Mar 2020The-Tyger-4th sem-Books by Tyger WILLIAM BLAKEDownload
6331 Mar 2020english-hons-sem-4-Sri Partha Pratim BandhyapadhyayDownload
6431 Mar 2020english-hons-sem-4-Smt Kanika ChandaDownload

Mentor Mentee

Sl.No. Date Title Download
113 Jun 2024Mentor/Mentees List, Dept. of EnglishDownload
201 Aug 2023List of the Mentor- Mentees of Dept. of EnglishDownload
301 Sep 2022Mentor mentees dept. of English-2022Download
409 Jun 2021Notice of Mentor Mentee EnglishDownload