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Sl.No. Date Title Download
121 May 2022Notice for MMT Scholarship (5th Semester-Pass) -2020Download
221 May 2022Notice for MMT Scholarship (5th Semester-Hons) -2020Download
321 May 2022Notice for MMT Scholarship (3rd Semester-Pass) -2020Download
421 May 2022Notice for MMT Scholarship (3rd Semester-Hons) -2020Download
521 May 2022Notice for MMT Scholarship (1st Semester-Pass) -2020Download
621 May 2022Notice for MMT Scholarship (1st Semester-Hons) -2020Download
718 May 2022Notice for any Information of teaching AidsDownload
817 May 2022Notice for 2nd Semester Supply StudentsDownload
917 May 2022Notice for exam Sub-committeeDownload
1013 May 2022Notice-6th Semester StudentsDownload
1113 May 2022Notice for 6th Semester StudentsDownload
1213 May 2022Notice for 6th Semester exam form fill upDownload
1330 Apr 2022Notice for invite original articlesDownload
1430 Apr 2022Notice for Online Class due to hot waveDownload
1526 Apr 2022Notice for holiday of Eid-Ul-FitarDownload
1622 Apr 2022Notice for Class SuspendedDownload
1722 Apr 2022PEDG-SEC-Internal Exam Notice (4th & 6th Sem)-22.04.2022Download
1811 Apr 2022Notice_ 2022-04-11 at 2.00.23 PMDownload
1905 Apr 2022Notice for 3rd Sem Result 2022-04-05 at 2.08.34 PMDownload
2026 Mar 2022Notice for Class attendence_2022-03-26 at 5.50.21 PMDownload
2126 Mar 2022Notice for B.A 2nd Sem Admission_2022-03-26 at 5.49.09 PMDownload
2208 Mar 20224th Sem Admission NoticeDownload
2308 Mar 20226th Sem Admission NoticeDownload
2405 Mar 2022Notice for 6th Semester Students for Collection of 5th Sem ResultDownload
2505 Mar 2022Admission Notice for B.A 4th Semester-2022Download
2605 Mar 2022Admission Notice for B.A 6th Semester-2022Download
2705 Mar 2022Notice for Class Suspended of 1st SemesterDownload
2904 Mar 2022Notice for 1st Semester Exam-2021Download
3028 Feb 2022Urgent Notice_ 2022-02-28 at 12.24.09 AMDownload
3125 Feb 2022Notice for holiday (Annual Sports & Shivratri) 25-Feb-2022Download
3224 Feb 2022Notice for form fill-up (1st Semester) 24 Feb 2022Download
3324 Feb 2022Circular for U.G. 1st semester Form submissionDownload
3516 Feb 2022Notice for 1st Semester Internal Examination & also Room allotment-2022 (offline mode)Download
3616 Feb 2022Notice for 1st Semester Internal Examination-2022 (offline mode)Download
3715 Feb 2022Corrigendum Notice for Annual Athletic Meet-2022Download
3810 Feb 2022A meeting of Annual Athletic Meet-2021-22Download
3903 Feb 2022U.G. 3rd Semester Examination Form Fill Up CircularDownload
4017 Jan 20223rd semester exam form fill up CircularDownload
4115 Jan 2022U.G. 3rd Sem Examination Form fill-upDownload
4209 Jan 20225th Sem Exam NoticeDownload
4311 Dec 2021Scholarship NoticeDownload
4401 Nov 2021Pass Course Document Verification NoticeDownload
4530 Oct 2021Notice for Commencement of ClassDownload
4630 Oct 20211st Semester 2021 Verification NoticeDownload
4728 Oct 2021Link for internal subject change application formDownload
4828 Oct 2021Notice for internal subject changeDownload
4928 Sep 2021Notice for VaccineDownload
5025 Sep 2021Notice for 5th Semester ClassDownload
5125 Sep 2021Notice for 3rd Semester ClassDownload
5216 Sep 20214th Sem LAB Practical Exam Notice 2021Download
5315 Sep 2021U.G. 2nd semester examination form fill up circularDownload
5423 Aug 20214th Semester internal exam notice 2021Download
5521 Aug 20214th Sem exam form fill-up noticeDownload
5627 Jul 20216th Sem Exam Form Fillup NoticeDownload
5725 Jul 20211st Sem Online Admission NoticeDownload
5825 Jul 20215th Sem Result Distribution NoticeDownload
5911 Jul 2021Circular of SCCDownload
6011 Jul 2021Notice for provisional Admission in 2nd semDownload
6111 Jul 2021Refund NoticeDownload
6211 Jul 2021Notice of Reduced FeesDownload
6301 Jul 2021Notice for Field Practical Exam-2020Download
6424 Jun 2021Notice for 2nd Semester Class StartDownload
6523 Jun 2021Upcoming Exam NoticeDownload
6707 May 20211st Sem Review Result 2019-2020 PassDownload
6807 May 20211st Sem Review Result 2019-2020 HonsDownload
6920 Apr 20211st Semester 2021 Registration Correction NoticeDownload
7013 Apr 2021College Close on Account of WB General Assembly Election 2021Download
7113 Apr 2021College Close on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti and Bengali New YearDownload
7224 Mar 2021Email Id for 3rd Sem ExamDownload
7324 Mar 20213rd Sem Exam NoticeDownload
7422 Mar 20216th Sem Class NoticeDownload
7513 Mar 20213rd Sem Exam FF NoticeDownload
7612 Mar 2021Review Result Arts PassDownload
7712 Mar 2021Review Result Arts HonoursDownload
7827 Feb 20211st, 3rd and 5th Semester Internal Exam ScheduleDownload
7925 Feb 20215th Semester Exam. CircularDownload
8018 Feb 20215th Semester Examination Form Fillup NoticeDownload
8110 Feb 20211st, 3rd, 5th sem programme online internal examDownload
8210 Feb 20211st, 3rd, 5th sem hons online internal examDownload
8317 Dec 2020Document Verification NoticeDownload
8415 Dec 2020Notice regarding college website noticeDownload
8501 Dec 2020Notice for Opening of New ApplciationDownload
8601 Dec 20202nd Sem Form Fill-up NoticeDownload
8722 Nov 20204th Sem Student List for ExamDownload
8818 Nov 2020Notice for KU exam of 4th & 2nd Semester.2020Download
8914 Nov 2020Notice for internal exam 2nd and 4th SemesterDownload
9028 Oct 2020Part II Admit Card ListDownload
9124 Sep 2020Notice for scholarship (SC/ST/OBC Kanyasree, AikyasreeDownload
9205 Jul 2020Notice for 3rd Year General StudentDownload
9310 May 20202nd Sem Internal Exam NoticeDownload
9410 May 20204th Sem Internal Exam NoticeDownload
9519 Apr 20202ND Routine During COVID- 19 attack SanskritDownload
9607 Apr 2020Online Class NoticeDownload
9707 Apr 2020Online Class Routine FormatDownload
9807 Apr 2020Geography Class RoutineDownload
9907 Apr 2020Education Class RoutineDownload
10006 Apr 2020Bengali Class RoutineDownload
10106 Apr 2020Sanskrit Class RoutineDownload
10206 Apr 2020Defence Studies Class RoutineDownload
10306 Apr 2020Political Science Class RoutineDownload
10406 Apr 2020Philosophy Class RoutineDownload
10506 Apr 2020English Class RoutineDownload
10606 Apr 2020History Class RoutineDownload
10710 Aug 2019Notice for 3rd Semester AdmissionDownload
10828 Jun 2019Notice Guest Lecturer in Department of HistoryDownload
10916 Jun 2019Application for the Post of Guest Lecturer in Defence StudiesDownload
11005 Apr 2019Provisional Routine for 2nd SemesterDownload
11108 Feb 2019Class Routine for 2nd Year and 2nd Semester 2018Download
11214 Oct 2018Notice for Semester 1 ScheduleDownload
11303 Oct 2018Notice for Guest Lecturer in English DepartmentDownload